Exploring Substance Abuse And Its Affect On Fault In Divorce

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There are few people around that have not been affected in some manner by the negative effects of substance abuse. When it comes to marriages, this malady can create so much distrust and bitterness that a divorce may be the end result. Some divorcing parties could be reluctant to name substance abuse as the reason the marriage fell apart. Read on to find out when and why doing so might be a good idea.

28 August 2019

How To Think Like A Speeding Ticket Attorney

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The idea that you got nailed with a speeding ticket can leave you with an ugly feeling, especially if you're 100% sure you weren't going too fast. What should you do after you've received a citation? You can challenge the ticket in court with the help of a speeding ticket attorney. This is how you can build your defense. Understand the Basis of the Citation Foremost, you need to figure out exactly what information the police are working off of.

26 July 2019

Why You Need An Attorney For A Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim

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If you have gotten sick or injured and can no longer work, you have the option tapping into your long-term disability benefits. However, if your insurance company denies your claim, you need to hire an attorney to move your claim forward. The following are some instances in which an attorney can be beneficial. Instances Where You Should Hire an Attorney For whatever reason, some long-term disability insurance companies will deny a claim for seemingly no purpose.

27 June 2019

2 Types Of Behavior You May Know Constitute Sexual Harassment At Work

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When you think of sexual harassment in the workplace, you may only consider physical contact that seems sexual in nature, such as touching or groping you in inappropriate areas of your body. However, there are a couple of other types of behavior from coworkers that are considered sexual harassment, especially if they make you feel uncomfortable. 1.  Making Comments That Are Sexual in Nature One form of sexual harassment is verbal in nature.

22 May 2019

4 Example Of What Medical Practice Is

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If you talk for long with any medical malpractice lawyer, you'll hear some stories that are downright terrifying. Not every case, though, represents medical malpractice. You can learn more about what is, however, by looking at these four scenarios. Items Left in Patients' Bodies Surgical processes require the use of a lot of tools. Some of these items, particularly clamps and sponges that are used to control blood loss, can end up being left in people's bodies.

22 April 2019

A Guide To Handling Your Divorce Proceedings

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You always need to work out your personal matters when going through a divorce. This is a life change that can be a crushing blow, and the effects can blend over into your professional and personal lives. The sooner you put together your divorce details, the sooner you can start moving forward. It'll take the help of a divorce attorney that can do what is best for your interests.  Follow these points to make sure that you are taken care of.

13 March 2019

Should You Help With Injuries After A Car Accident?


A car accident is a terrifying experience. In some instances, you or other other diver are not hurt and can walk away from the accident. However, you may get into an accident in which you are not injured but the other person in your accident is hurt. You may not know what to do, particularly if you do not have a medical background. The following are some things you need to know if this happens to you:

6 February 2019