3 Situations Where Criminal Lawyers Can Provide Assistance

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Criminal lawyers provide their clients a defense in a variety of circumstances. These are some of the areas of law where criminal lawyers can assist those facing persecution. 

Accusations of Rape & Sexual Assault

Among the most serious charges an individual can face are those pertaining to crimes of a sexual nature. Whether a person has been charged with sexually assaulting a minor or raping their spouse or significant other, criminal lawyers recognize that many such accusations are entirely without merit. Unfortunately, those convicted of such crimes are often subjected to the longest prison sentences, so it is important for those facing sexually-related charges to seek the counsel of a criminal lawyer. 

Narcotics And Drug Activity

Another area where criminal lawyers can improve the position of the accused is with respect to cases regarding illegal substances. Though individuals may ultimately be guilty of the consumption or transportation of illegal drugs, criminal lawyers can work to alleviate the charges or have the case dismissed outright. Specifically, criminal lawyers possess the unique ability of analyzing a certain case's particulars and identifying instances where laws may have been broken simply to detain the accused.

Since arresting and charging individuals of drug related crimes is predicated on the notion that law enforcement officials operate within their legal boundaries, any misstep in their procedural work could ultimately nullify any 'outstanding evidence'. Whether officers illegally initiated a traffic stop or entered a home or business without legal permission, criminal lawyers can ensure that even those caught with illegal contraband are afforded their legal rights. 

Domestic Disputes

Criminal lawyers like Wojick Stephen R also have the requisite knowledge to help those who have been falsely accused of domestic crimes. Domestic violence can include any verbal or physical confrontation among family members or friends, though many such accusations are largely unsubstantiated. A large number of domestic violence cases involve violations of standing restraining orders of estranged parents, where even a birthday card or phone call can constitute a violation of the court's order. 

While such 'crimes' are not inherently violent or sinister, the courts are quick to prosecute such crimes much in the same way they do cases of physical abuse. The penalties of such convictions can vary according to the details of the case, though the inclinations of the presiding judge may also factor into the sentence. At any rate, consulting a criminal lawyer will provide the accused the best chance in court for having their case handled fairly.

Though there are many other areas where criminal lawyers can provide legal counsel, these are among the most common. 


8 July 2014

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