What To Expect When You Meet With A Lawyer For The First Time

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If you are planning to meet with an attorney for the first time, you want to know how to be best prepared and what to expect. Not only will this help to alleviate some of the stress of going to that first consultation, but it will also help make for a more informative and successful meeting. The information below will help you prepare for your first consultation:

Understand the purpose of the first consultation

The initial consultation will be for you to tell the lawyer your story and see if they feel you have a case. If the lawyer feels there is a case, they will inform you of how they would like to proceed with your case as far as what to go after, chances of going to trial, etc.

You want to bring any documents you have that prove your case with you to the initial consultation. This allows the lawyer to get a better feel for your case and be able to construct their plan of action right away.  

If the lawyer decides to take the case, they will ask you to sign documents empowering them to work on your behalf. These documents allow your lawyer to access certain records to prepare a case for you such as medical records, employment records and other records relevant to the case.

Always be honest with your lawyer

Some things may be embarrassing for you to admit, but your lawyer is the person you should be admitting these things to. If you don't tell them everything, they can end up being put in a position where they aren't able to defend you the way they could have. Your lawyer may decide they don't want to proceed with your case at all if you keep things from them.

Take notes

If the lawyer decides to take your case they will offer you advice to follow from that point on. You should take notes so you don't end up going against their advice and make crucial mistakes. You also want to write down any important dates or other information pertinent to the case.

Get the fees straightened out

You want to feel comfortable with the amount your lawyer is charging you. The first consultation is the time to figure all this out. Don't be afraid to negotiate with them. Also, you may want to ask for the lawyer to charge you a flat fee, rather than hourly. This can end up saving you and it lets you know what the total price is going to be, rather than you ending up shocked down the road.

Once you know what to expect from that first consultation you'll feel much better going to meet with the lawyer from a firm like McDonald Law Office


9 January 2015

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