3 Things To Remember When Divorcing

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The legal process to end a marriage can be complex and take a considerable amount of time to accomplish. If you and your spouse are planning to opt for mediation or collaborative divorce, it is important that you are realistic about what to expect from the process. To help you set realistic expectations about working together to end your relationship, here are some things you and your spouse should know.

There Is No Winner

One of the biggest mistakes couples make when starting the divorce process is mistakenly believing that there is a winner and loser. Due to the complexities that are involved in ending a relationship and splitting assets and debts, it is almost impossible for one person to "win" the divorce. 

You and your spouse should focus on resolving the matter in a way that is beneficial to both, without forgetting that sacrifices will need to be made on both sides. By doing this, you and your spouse can avoid pointless battles that are focused on winning instead of civilly ending the relationship.

Leave the Kids Out of It

Sometimes, it can be difficult to keep what is going on between you and your spouse separate from your relationships with your children. Unfortunately, bad vibes between divorcing parents can sometimes have an impact on the children and leave them with hurt and confused feelings. 

Although it might be difficult for you and your spouse to do, it is important that you leave your children out of the divorce. Do not involve them in discussions about the ending of the relationship. You also need to avoid bad mouthing each other to the children. 

If you and your spouse are struggling with working through the divorce with your children, consider family counseling. Even though your marriage is ending, your co-parenting relationship is not. Learning how to work together to parent the children is not only important for them, but for you and your spouse. 

Stay Focused on the Goal

Going to court can be time consuming and expensive. If you and your spouse are trying to work through your divorce issues without going to court, it is important that you stay focused on that goal. By agreeing to work together with the help of your attorneys, you can save money and get through the process faster than if you went to court. 

Talk to an expert on divorce law in Calgary about other things you and your spouse can do to keep your divorce on the right track. 


15 September 2015

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