Casino Buffet Injuries: Three Factors That May Impact Your Case

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Aside from the ability to hit it big on table games and slot machines, one of the biggest highlights for many casino patrons is visiting the all-you-can-eat buffets. While these buffets are often serving up delicious meals, the unique design and service can also result in the increased danger of suffering a personal injury. If you've been injured at a casino buffet, there are three factors that could impact your case. When hiring a personal injury lawyer, each of these factors can have a dramatic impact on your case.

Slip & Fall Accidents

When people are serving themselves food, it's not uncommon for food to fall to the floor. This fallen food can create walking hazards, especially if you are carrying a heavy plate and are focused on the various sections of the buffet. If you slip and fall on this food, it can result in serious injuries. A personal injury lawyer can look into the type of cleaning crew that the buffet uses, other slip and fall incidents, and the negligence of the mess that causes the slip and fall in the first place.

Food Temperatures

When buffet food is served, it is normally served hot and placed under heated lights to help keep it all fresh. Sometimes these temperatures may be too hot and cause serious burns. If you've been burned by buffet food, then a lawyer can use your burns and doctor statements to showcase that the casino is liable. Not only may food cause burns, but the ladles and serving spoons may cause burns if they are placed directly under the heat lamps and no warning signs are posted about their possible temperatures.

Financial Impacts

If you are injured at a buffet, not only are you losing out on the money you paid for the meal, but there are all other financial impacts that could become a part of the case. For example, if you were staying at the casino, the extra nights of your hotel could be wasted if you are healing through injuries at a hospital. You may also lose out on car rental days, flight reservations, and any tickets that you purchased for casino shows. All of these factors can be included within your personal injury a case. A lawyer can help calculate all of the financial impacts and help you receive compensation for each one of the factors. Not only are you impacted, but the injuries could have impacts the costs of your spouse or children that were with you at the buffet.

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4 May 2016

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