What to Do When You've Suffered Injury From a Defective Drug

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If you were prescribed a drug by your physician, and it causes injury or other illnesses instead of resolving the problem, then you may have a pharmaceutical lawsuit on your hands. However, the problem with these cases is that it is often hard to discern that the problem was caused by the drug itself and not the illness that you are actually suffering from. Here's what you should do to make sure that the case is more successful:

  1. Get Witnesses: First, you should have a statement from your doctor that shows you were taking the drug in the right way. You should also have witness statements from your family who may have witnessed your side effects becoming worse after taking the drug you were prescribed. 
  2. Hire a Pharmaceutical Attorney: An attorney who specializes in working with pharmaceutical cases will definitely have a better chance of helping you resolve the case because of their experience and knowledge about how the pharmaceutical industry works. This is important especially because these cases are difficult to prove. Talk to a lawyer like those at Mohajerian A Professional Law Corporation for more information.
  3. Record Medical Costs: The cost of the medication and then the cost of all medical treatment thereafter needs to be carefully recorded. This way, you receive compensation from the damage that the drug has caused. 
  4. Don't Miss Doctor Appointments: It's important that you do not miss any doctor appointments. This is important for recording symptoms of the drug that you were prescribed. On top of this, it shows that you are responsible medically, which means that you were highly unlikely to be abusing the drug in question. 
  5. Do Not Abuse the Drug: Finally, be sure that you record you were not in any way abusing the drug. Follow all instructions on the label and show proof that you were doing this. Your attorney can help you do this. You should also not get another prescription for this drug if you have already made a complaint about it and stop taking what you have left if you believe that it is causing more problems. Make an appointment with your doctor right away to get a new prescription.

When you know what to do when you have suffered injury or illness from a defective drug, you can be sure that your case in suing the pharmaceutical company will go much smoother and be more successful. 


6 February 2017

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