A Probate Attorney Can Be A Great Help To You After The Death Of Your Parents

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If your parents were in a car accident and passed away as a result, you may feel overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that need to be handled, concerning your parents burial, memorial services, and estate. Hiring a probate attorney will reduce some of the burden that you are carrying and will ensure that your parents assets are divided among the beneficiaries that were listed in their wills and that their home and land are sold or entrusted to a family member. The following overview will discuss some of the situations in which a probate attorney will be of help.

Handling Of Bills, Assets, And Property

An attorney will meet with you prior to handling any responsibilities associated with your parents finances and property. After you hire an attorney, gather up current bills that your parents owe, information about bank accounts, retirement funds, stocks, insurance policies, and property that is owned.

The attorney will make sure that debts are paid and will liquidate assets before dividing them among the beneficiaries that your parents named. If personal possessions inside of your parents home are to be sold, an attorney can assist with setting up an auction to sell the items to raise proceeds.

Providing Guidance If An Altercation Arises

If you were assigned the duty of representative for your parents estate and have been squabbling with other members of your family that have been listed as beneficiaries, your attorney can help buffer the situation by meeting with everyone involved in the altercation and discussing the problem at hand in detail.

For instance, you may be being accused of trying to cheat your siblings or another family member out of money or possessions that they feel should be given to them. An attorney can explain the law for your particular state and show the family member the will and explain how your parents desired to handle specific items. 

Assisting With The Sale Or Transfer Of A Home And Land

If your parents stated in their wills that they would like their home and land sold, an attorney will help you set up a meeting with a realtor and will advise you concerning the legalities associated with the sale of the home. Paperwork that needs to be filled out and filed will be handled by a lawyer and you will be able to focus on emptying the house or cleaning it up prior to it being listed with an agent.

If the home and land were left to you or another family member, however, the lawyer will assist with transferring ownership so that the new owner will be able to move into the home or sell it if they desire.


17 June 2017

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