Four Major Points That Can Help Your License Suspension Hearing

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A license suspension hearing is meant to determine whether your driving license should be revoked if you have committed multiple driving violations. The motor vehicle bureau gives you a chance to argue your case and convince them that you don't deserve the suspension. Use the following points to argue your case:

Steps You Have Taken to Avoid a Repeat

A helpful argument is to explain to the bureau officer handling your case all the measures you have taken to prevent further violations. You need to present yourself as a one-time offender who isn't likely to make the same mistake again. For example, you can talk about defensive driving classes, you have taken or DUI classes you have enrolled for. Of course, you will have to present evidence for these claims.

Hardship Conditions

You may also have some luck by arguing your hardship conditions. this entails explaining to the officer why you need your license, and why the suspension would make life extremely difficult for you. For example, if you are a salesman who uses their car in the line of duty, you can explain how you would lose your main source of livelihood if you are unable to drive.

Facts That Show the Accident Wasn't Entirely Your Fault

If you have facts that show you weren't entirely responsible for the accident, then you can also use them to beg for leniency. For example, if a freak storm had made the accident difficult to avoid, then explain the fact to the officer. If you had to drive on the curb in order to avoid hitting a child pedestrian, then you may use it to mitigate the charges against you. In fact, you can even discuss past moving violations in which you were wrongly ticketed.

Mention Your High Annual Mileage

Lastly, some people have also had some luck by explaining why they are more likely to be ticketed than an average driver. For example, it's clear that the more you drive, the more likely you are to get a ticket traffic or be involved in a crash. For example, the average male driver racks up 16,550 miles per year. If your annual mileage hits the 20,000-mile mark, then you are more likely to be ticketed than the average driver. Hopefully, you can use that fact to argue your case.

You don't have to face your license suspension hearing alone. An experienced lawyer can help you prepare for the hearing or even represent you. Contact professionals like Daniels Long & Pinsel for more information.


21 June 2017

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