How To Hasten Your Divorce Process

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A lengthy divorce process is both expensive and bothersome; it's almost like putting your life in limbo. For this reason, some people, once they have made up their mind to divorce, angle for the quickest divorce possible. If you are of the same mind, then the following four measures should help you meet your objective:

Come Prepared

Preparation is key to a fast divorce. Understand exactly what you need to do, when you need to do them, where you need to do them, and the documents you need. That will eliminate any delays on your part. For example, you need to know all the documents necessary for asset or debt division, and when you should avail them. A quick consultation with a divorce attorney will tell you everything you need to secure a divorce.

Choose a Summary Divorce

If you qualify for a summary divorce, then it is your best route for a fast divorce process. The summary divorce process is simplified for couples whose relationships don't have the features that usually complicate the divorce process. For states that have the summary divorce provision, typical eligibility criteria include:

  • No minor children
  • Short marriage (say five years or less)
  • No spousal support
  • No significant real estate property, among others

File for a No-Fault Divorce

You can still get a fast divorce without going the summary route. You will have to forget about accusing your spouse if you want a quick divorce and opt for a no-fault divorce. This is because if you go for a fault divorce, you will need to prove your grounds, and your spouse may challenge them. All these adds additional time to your divorce timeline. With a no-fault divorce, you don't have to prove anything.

Choose A Jurisdiction with a Shorter Waiting Period

Another clever option is to go to a state with a shorter separation or waiting period. This helps if your current state has a lengthy separation period that you must take before your divorce can be finalized. Don't forget to confirm that you satisfy the residency requirements of your chosen state before packing your bags for the trip.

These are just a few examples of tips and tricks you can use to hasten your divorce; the list isn't exhaustive. The exact measures will also depend on the circumstances of your married life and your state's divorce law. A consultation with a divorce lawyer should help you understand all the options available to you. 


21 June 2017

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