How Payroll Services Protect You And Your Employees

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Payroll services are a proven method for simplifying your weekly payroll. They provide critical services to you and your employees to make sure you don't end up in financial or legal hot water. Here are some main reasons a payroll service is valuable. 

It Ensures Paychecks Go Out on Time

Hopefully, you have employees who truly enjoy what they do. But as an employer, your most critical promise to your employees is to make sure their paychecks go out on time. Missing payroll is a mistake that may not be taken lightly, as people's financial situations can suffer quickly. Even one or two missed payrolls will significantly reduce the employees' trust in the company. 

The problem is that sometimes things do go wrong with processing payroll. Will the bookkeeper who just started with your company stay past dinner to correct an issue to make sure payroll goes out on time? Perhaps not. But if you have a payroll service, their promise to you is to make sure checks go on time. They have a much bigger team to leverage to ensure that errors are smoothed out and the timeline goes as planned. 

It Ensures Taxes Are Withheld Properly

If you forget to hold back taxes for your employees, they can find themselves in big trouble at the end of the year. They might owe several thousand more dollars than what they had thought. Thus, employees rely on you to accurately calculate the amount of tax to withhold. It helps them plan their own financial lives better. On the other side, you also must hold back a portion of your earnings to pay for their social security taxes. Otherwise, you will be the one in legal trouble when you can't afford to pay. Payroll services will calculate both amounts of taxes and make sure this part of running a business doesn't fall by the wayside. 

It Administers Benefits

Payroll services can also help you administer certain benefits that are required by law. You might have a system set up where your employees pay for a small amount of their health insurance out of each paycheck, and then you foot the rest of the bill. When many of these deductions must come out of each paycheck, the calculations can become laborious and something might be missed. Payroll services ensure efficiency and compliance when calculating benefits. 

Aside from the legal benefits of payroll, the payroll service also presents your payroll in a professional and streamlined way; you almost can't lose when you choose to outsource your payroll. 


2 August 2017

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