Pedestrian Hit By Personal Injury Attorney: What This Irony Means To You


Despite the many bad lawyer jokes, lawyers are people too. They get into some of the same troubles and problems as everyone else, including accidents. If you were recently hit by a personal injury lawyer while walking or riding your bike, there is quite a bit of irony in this. You should remember first and foremost that the irony is not the main point, but the fact that you were hit by someone in his/her car, and that is a personal injury case. Here is what that means to you and your situation:

Yes, It Was an Accident

Unless you intentionally dived or rode right in front of the lawyer's car, it was an accident. The lawyer should offer to cover all of your medical bills and any other damages to which you are entitled (e.g., your bike, torn clothes, etc.). Any lawyer that takes out a cyclist or pedestrian with his/her car and does not offer to make amends should expect to get sued.

Find Another Personal Injury Attorney and Sue

If the lawyer that hit you did not offer to pay any expenses, and the expenses were substantial, you need to find another personal injury lawyer to sue the one that hit you. This may seem a little dizzying, but it is necessary. Do not hire anyone from the same firm as the offending lawyer. This is a conflict of legal interest, and no one will be able to help you. Instead, find another firm and hire their personal injury attorney.

Sue for Compensation

The lawyer that hit you makes a reasonably good salary. Ergo, he or she should not have any excuse as to why he/she cannot pay your medical bills, or a least offer to help. Your own lawyer will need to sue for compensation, based on your injuries, medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Expect the Offending Lawyer to Represent Him/Herself

Lawyers can, and do, represent themselves in court. It gives them greater control over a case that might otherwise be out-of-control. However, if the offending lawyer brings representation to the meeting or hearing, you definitely need your own lawyer to defend you. Be prepared.

If Alcohol or Drugs Were the Cause

If the lawyer hit you because he/she was DUI, then you have a really good case. Not only will the compensation be paid, but the lawyer may also have his/her licenses to drive and practice law suspended. Your lawyer will need to get the details from eyewitnesses and police reports.


17 September 2017

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