3 Things You Need To Understand About Disability Benefits

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It is not unusual to need benefits and help because of a disability. There are government programs in place to help people who truly have a disability that keeps them from working to have the financial help that they need. But in order to qualify for these benefits, you have to meet certain requirements. Here are some things that you should know in advance, before you file for these benefits.

1. It Must Be Long Term

Too many people think that if they get injured or hurt that they are now able to get disability benefits. Although many injuries do merit disability benefits, it is not a done deal. Instead, your injury must be severe enough that it keeps you out of the work force for a certain amount of time. In fact, you usually must be able to prove that you will be out of the workforce indefinitely. If it is just a hiccup in your employment, or if it looks like with some treatment you can get back into your job, then you probably won't get disability. If you do, it will be temporary and have a very strict time restraint.

2. The Injury Must Be Serious

Second, the type of injury or disability will determine whether or not you can get disability benefits. For instance, if you hurt your back so that you can no longer lift heavy things, then you might not be able to do your current job that requires heavy lifting. But that doesn't mean that there aren't other jobs that you can do. You can work in an office, or on a computer. The injury must be severe enough that you can't do any kind of work.

3. You Can't Be The Cause Of Your Continued Injury

Lastly, if you are causing your injury because you aren't getting the treatment you need, or you are addicted, you can't get disability. For instance, if someone could get better if they got surgery or went to physical therapy, you won't get disability. Additionally, if your drug use or alcoholism is causing your disability, then you won't be able to get benefits. You need to be doing everything that you can to get the help that you need to get better before they will allow you to start receiving disability benefits.

By understanding these things, you can know if you will receive disability benefits should you apply. For more information and help with your particular case, contact a social security disability lawyer, such as Gerald Lutkenhaus.


24 January 2018

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