3 Things To Do Before Passing Out Your Employee Handbook

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Having an employee handbook is smart for just about any business, including small businesses. Your business will probably run a lot more smoothly if your employees know exactly what is expected of them. Plus, it's only fair for your employees to know what is and is not acceptable so that they don't inadvertently break any rules and put their jobs at risk. Before you hand out those handbooks that you have written up, though, follow these tips.

1. Check for Typos and Other Errors

When writing up your handbook, you might have been more focused on the policies themselves than the way that you were writing them. Going back and taking a look at your handbook before passing it out will help you see any errors that you might not have spotted originally. Then, you'll make sure that you don't hand out a handbook that has unprofessional mistakes and typos or errors that might affect clarity when employees are reading them.

2. Make Sure All of Your Policies are Covered

You might be focused on some of the more major policies that are in place at your business, such as attendance policies and dress code. Make sure that your handbook is as thorough as possible in regards to both big and smaller and simpler policies, though. The more that you put in your handbook, the better of a resource the handbook will be for your employees.

3. Have it Looked Over By a Lawyer

It might not really seem necessary to have your employee handbook looked over by a lawyer before handing it out. However, there are many employment laws out there that you might not even be aware of, even if you try to stay informed about this topic. If you break any employment laws with your policies, then your business could be at risk of a lawsuit, and your very own handbook could be what is used against you in court.

You can pay an employment lawyer a fee to have him or her look over your handbook with fresh eyes to make sure that no policies are being violated. This helps you avoid wronging your employees without meaning to and can work to protect your business from a future lawsuit. By going ahead and establishing a relationship with an employment lawyer now, you'll also have someone to turn to later on if you have issues with employment laws and employees, such as if you're accused of wrongfully firing someone.

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3 September 2018

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