2 Types Of Behavior You May Know Constitute Sexual Harassment At Work

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When you think of sexual harassment in the workplace, you may only consider physical contact that seems sexual in nature, such as touching or groping you in inappropriate areas of your body. However, there are a couple of other types of behavior from coworkers that are considered sexual harassment, especially if they make you feel uncomfortable.

1.  Making Comments That Are Sexual in Nature

One form of sexual harassment is verbal in nature. While giving you a compliment regarding the way your hair looks or the cuteness of your shirt is innocent enough, comments that draw attention to specific parts of your body are not appropriate.

For example, if a coworker makes a comment about your shirt and continues on about how it makes your breasts look big, the so-called compliment has taken a sexual turn. If they continue to make such comments even after you state that they make you uncomfortable and the person needs to stop, the comments are considered harassment.

The coworker does not have to be a member of the opposite sex. If someone of your gender is making comments that are making you feel uncomfortable, even if they claim they are only playing around, this can also be considered sexual harassment.

2.  Showing You Inappropriate Pictures or Videos

Another form of sexual harassment in the workplace that you may have not considered as such is when a coworker continuously shows you inappropriate pictures or videos. Every time you go into the breakroom, they try to pull you aside and try to show you something "cool" that either depicts scantily clad or nude individuals or sexual acts.

Or, they may send you links to pictures and videos either to your phone or through your email. Not only is such behavior often not allowed in most work settings, but it also constitutes sexual harassment. This is especially true if they continue to do so even after you have told them to stop or they have been reprimanded.

When it comes down to it, anything that another person says or does toward you which makes you feel uncomfortable is a form of harassment, especially if the behavior is done on a regular basis. If you have any questions or feel as though you are a victim, contact a sexual harassment attorney to discuss your case, as well as any legal action that you can take to stop the harassment.


22 May 2019

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