Why You Need An Attorney For A Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim

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If you have gotten sick or injured and can no longer work, you have the option tapping into your long-term disability benefits. However, if your insurance company denies your claim, you need to hire an attorney to move your claim forward. The following are some instances in which an attorney can be beneficial.

Instances Where You Should Hire an Attorney

For whatever reason, some long-term disability insurance companies will deny a claim for seemingly no purpose. This is known as acting in bad faith. Some examples of acting in bad faith include paying lower benefits than outlined in your policy, requiring excessive information, requiring you to submit duplicate information, or delaying your claim for too long a time period.

Some insurance companies will take part in unfair tactics to get evidence against you. Surveillance is one practice that is particularly unfair. An investigator from the insurance company, for instance, could secretly follow you to take video footage of you doing your daily activities. Their goal in doing this is to show you are not injured or sick enough to warrant a long-term disability claim. This is not fair, as it does not show your entire day, such as recuperating later after exerting energy.

Why You Should Hire an Attorney if You Have Been Denied

If you have received a denial from your insurance company, you should hire an attorney. When an attorney works on your case, he or she will investigate all the evidence that led to the denial and argue on your behalf at a hearing. You need someone experienced who knows exactly what additional evidence to submit to the insurance company to help prove you deserve the benefits, such as Iler and Iler.

Why You May Want an Attorney Before Making a Claim

In some cases, you may want to obtain an attorney before you even make your claim. As part of the claim procedures, insurance companies may ask you for information that could come back and hurt you later. Most long-term disability applicants will comply with whatever the companies ask, without realizing what could be the result. With an attorney at the beginning of the process, you will have oversight from someone who is experienced and will ensure you do not provide information that is not pertinent to your claim.

If you have a disability or illness that keeps you from working, be sure to work with your attorney right away to obtain the benefits you deserve.


27 June 2019

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