Legally Breaking Away From A Bad Marriage


Being in a committed relationship gives most people a sense of security, which is why many choose to get married to the one they love. Although it is possible to remain married until death occurs, it isn't uncommon for the union to fall apart and make living as a couple a stressful situation. In some cases, temporary separation and counseling is enough to bring the marriage back to a stable condition, but divorce is the best option in certain cases. Going through a divorce is a process that can consume a substantial amount of time, especially if there are disagreements that no one is willing to compromise on. As you will learn by reading the information below, the wisest way to handle a complicated divorce is to leave it in the hands of an attorney.

Divorce Papers Must Be Court Acceptable

You will need to fill out the proper document for the type of divorce you are dealing with. For instance, you cannot type up the documents in any form that you feel like and expect the court to accept them. There is a particular order and flow that the documents must have, as well as the proper signatures, dates, and notarizations. Even if you decide to purchase blank divorce documents, there is the possibility that you will not properly fill them out. An attorney can customize and fill out the documents, as well as file them for you. 

Getting a Spouse to Sign Can Be Difficult

Have you and your spouse already had a conversation about getting divorced, and he or she doesn't agree with it? Did you explain that you are going to file for the divorce anyway, but he or she refuses to agree to sign the documents? By law in most states, your spouse has the right to not sign the documents, but you also have the right to file without his or her signature. In such a case, you must be able to prove to the judge that there are irreconcilable differences in the marriage or that something more serious such as abuse, neglect, or adultery. An attorney will make proving your case a lot easier.

Alimony Can Be a Big Concern in a Divorce

Whether you deserve to receive alimony or have to pay it to your spouse, special attention should be focused on it in your divorce. You don't want to end up paying alimony when you don't have to or not receiving it when you should. An attorney can assess the overall marriage situation to determine how alimony should be handled to ensure that the judgment is in your best interest.

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30 September 2019

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