Is It Worth Filing For A Personal Injury Lawsuit?


Were you involved in an accident that sent you to the hospital? If so, you may be wondering if you should file a personal injury lawsuit. However, an injury doesn't always mean that you have a good claim to a lawsuit on your hands. Here are some things to consider to decide whether your lawsuit is worth it.

Do You Have Large Medical Bills?

It's one thing to have a couple medical bills, such as a co-pay for the ER and some crutches. It is another to have ongoing medical bills that are eating into your out-of-pocket deductible. Medications, physical therapy, specialists, and multiple co-pays are all expenses that add up quickly, and you shouldn't have to pay for them if you are injured due to another's negligence.

Do You Have Lost Wages?

There is a big difference between an injury that landed you in the hospital for a night and one that left you on bedrest for several weeks. The latter can leave you with the inability to work, which will cost you money in lost wages. Even if you didn't directly lose money from your job due to using sick days or personal days, those are all days that you cannot get back once they have been used. If you end up with an illness later in the year, you may end up losing wages to make up for paid days off that you do not have. These losses are often considered when factoring your settlement with a personal injury lawsuit.

Do You Have Property Damage?

Another factor that can really add up are the damages sustained to your personal property. This is very common in car accidents, since your vehicle has repair or replacement costs that are easy to determine. Property damages can also extend to things that were damaged in your vehicle during a crash, or personal property that was damaged because it was on you at the time. For instance, tech devices like smart watches and phones that are damaged in an accident have replacement costs that add up really fast.

Do You Have Pain and Suffering?

There can be damages that extend beyond those that can be physically seen and must be factored into a settlement. For instance, being involved in a car accident may cause you to be afraid of driving. This is a lasting form of pain and suffering that you have to deal with due to someone else's negligence.

Talk to an auto accident lawyer to learn more about your options. 


25 November 2019

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