Tips for Speaking With an Insurance Company After an Injury

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If you were involved in an accident that resulted in you being injured, you will need to reach out to the insurance company of the person responsible to report the case. However, it will help to follow these tips for what to say to them.

Keep the Facts Basic

During your initial phone call, it will help to report only the essential facts of the accident to the insurance company. For example, let them know when the accident occurred, where it happened, who was involved in the accident, the police department that got involved in the accident, and if a police report has been filed. You will be doing everything correctly as long as you keep the conversation to the basic facts of the case. 

Remember That Your Conversation Is Being Recorded

Anything that you say during your initial phone call to the insurance provider can be used against you later in the case. Many people do not realize this and assume that you are simply making a courtesy phone call to let them know, and may even use the opportunity to vent to the insurance provider about the accident. Always talk as if your words are being recorded and that anything could be played back later in court. 

Do Not Take Any Blame for the Accident

Another tactic that an insurance company will often do is try to trick you into accepting blame or partial blame for the accident. Watch out for leading questions about your behavior in what led up to the accident, and do not answer these questions unless you have to. You can always tell the insurance company to reach out to your personal injury attorney if they have more questions regarding your case. Don't feel like you are obligated to answer any questions being thrown your way. 

Avoid Taking Any Deal

The insurance company may make you an offer over the phone to try to settle your case for less than it is worth. For example, offering to send you a check in the mail right away to cover your initial medical bills. As tempting as it may be to have money as soon as possible, this could be considered you settling your case. If the insurance company offers you a deal this early in the process, you likely have a solid case on your hands and they want to avoid having you take it to a personal injury lawsuit. 


31 July 2020

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