How An OVI Defense Attorney Wants Clients To Behave While The Case Is Ongoing

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When a person has been charged with operating a vehicle while impaired, an OVI defense attorney can help this individual prevent the worst consequences. The goal is accomplished with the lawyer's efforts, but the defendant also must behave in ways that do not leave negative impressions on the district attorney and the judge. The lawyer can provide counsel on behaviors to maintain while the case is ongoing.

The Best Chances

A defendant who has never been in trouble with the law before and had a blood alcohol content only slightly above the legal limit has the best chances for a positive outcome. Nevertheless, it's important not to make any missteps before the case ends. In addition, certain types of behavior make good impressions on the district attorney and the judge. That can lead to an outcome like the judge approving the prosecuting attorney's request to reduce the charges.

Begin Alcohol Counseling

Beginning an alcohol counseling program or outpatient rehab creates a positive impression. If the person were to be convicted of DUI, jurisdictions typically require completing a course that teaches the hazards of impaired driving. Taking a significant step toward managing alcohol use lets the prosecution and judge know the person is serious about making changes. 

Behave Professionally

Whenever a court appearance is required, the defendant must behave professionally. At a minimum, wearing business-casual clothing is recommended. The person should be respectful to the district attorney and the judge. Deferring to the defense lawyer instead of interrupting is crucial. In addition, the defendant will be viewed unfavorably if a negative attitude is indicated with gestures, such as shrugging or eye rolling. 

According to legal ethics, prosecuting attorneys cannot meet with a defendant alone once that person hires a lawyer. Still, a representative of the prosecution will be at every court appointment. Since the OVI lawyer may eventually recommend proposing a plea bargain, the impression the defendant has made will be an essential factor in the prosecution's decision.

Use Social Media With Caution

It's wise to quit using social media except for posts made with care. The defendant should delete any photos or posts that might make a poor impression on judges or prosecuting attorneys. In fact, temporarily deleting social media accounts may be advisable. 

This also is the time to stay out of situations that could derail the case. If someone in the prosecution's department finds troubling photos of the person on another account, this could cause problems.


17 August 2021

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