Ways To Get Your Battery Domestic Violence Charges Reduced

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When charged with battery domestic violence, you might wonder if there are possible ways to get your charges reduced, dismissed, or even dropped.

The first step is finding out if you can get your domestic violence charges reduced. If your battery wasn't a violent felony and there was only one injured person, the trial jury is more likely to reduce the charges.

Read on for ways you can get your domestic violence battery charges reduced.

1. Find an Assault Attorney

Suppose you get charged with domestic violence and want to get your charges reduced. In that case, you will need to have a domestic violence battery lawyer who will help you navigate the legal system and explain your options. Unfortunately, there will be a lot of pressure from the prosecutor, district attorney, and court system to accept a plea deal. In most cases, this isn't in your best interest.

An excellent domestic violence battery lawyer will look at all the facts of your case and give you an accurate assessment of potential results. For example, you might want your domestic violence charges dismissed or expunged so that the charges don't appear in your records. Your lawyer will help you with this procedure.

2. Show Evidence of No Prior Criminal Offenses

Your domestic violence lawyer will gather evidence that shows you have no prior criminal offenses such as DUI, spouse abuse, or drug charges. This proof will show the prosecutor and judge that you haven't faced domestic abuse charges before. As a result, they may give you a second chance and reduce your charges.

3. Find Weaknesses in the Prosecutor's Case

You may get a charge reduction if there are weaknesses with the prosecutor's case, such as:

  • The alleged victim fails to appear at court hearings or refuses to cooperate

  • The alleged victim admits that they lied about the incident

  • The alleged victim files a motion to dismiss the case

  • There is insufficient evidence to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt

  • There is no physical evidence (e.g., no photographs, injuries, or witnesses)

If any of these circumstances exist, it may be possible to get your battery domestic violence charges reduced or dismissed altogether. You can achieve this result by negotiating with the prosecutor or filing motions with the court that result in the dismissal of charges.

 A skilled battery lawyer should know how to identify weaknesses in a battery domestic violence case and use those weaknesses to your advantage. Consequently, they'll get your charges reduced or dismissed altogether.


If you face battery domestic violence charges, there are many ways to defend yourself. First, you should get a good battery lawyer and follow their lead. Second, obey all court orders, don't miss any court dates, and don't violate any order of protection issued by the court against you. Finally, follow the court order to stay away from your spouse until your case gets resolved. Contact a domestic violence attorney for more information.


29 March 2022

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