3 Critical Errors A Child Support Attorney Will Help You Avoid

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Separating from a spouse comes with numerous challenges, especially if kids are involved. The law may require you to pay for their upkeep until they become adults. The amount payable is determined through legally set standards and is enforced through the court system. If you make any error regarding these payments, you'll pay several fines and interests, which may ruin your finances. While there are many misconceptions about sustenance payments, knowing the facts is essential, so you don't fall behind. Thankfully, a child support attorney can guide you and ensure you play your role. Here are three critical blunders they'll help you to avoid.

Withholding Income Information 

Some parents usually lie about their income to pay less. While this may seem a great way to save money, it may plunge you into several problems with the court. If a judge finds out that you failed to report a side gig or any other income source, they may hold you in contempt of court, and you could be mandated to pay the arrears with interest. 

A lawyer will ensure you don't withhold any information about your income. They'll help you compile a list of your sources and submit them to the court at the right time. This will save you from getting into the wrong books or being fined and proving to the judges that you're honest.

Not Reporting Your Financial Changes

It's essential to report any changes in your financial circumstances if you don't want more problems with your case. And because these updates may not be applied immediately, you should communicate early. Some incidents that may warrant modifying your support payments include a pay cut, job loss, raise, or bonuses.

A lawyer can help you communicate about your income changes. They'll also tell you what the law says about your particular situation, your options, and what you shouldn't do. Additionally, they'll ensure the changes don't infringe on your rights and that of your kids. 

Using Methods Not Approved By the Courts to Make Payments

Most states have rules outlining how support payments should be made. In some, an employer remits the money directly to the support services office before they're sent to the custodial parent. Using methods that aren't court-approved could cause your license to be suspended.

A lawyer can keep you from making this error. They'll explain the approved methods in your county, so you know what's expected of you. They can also assist with the follow-up if the funds delay reaching the recipient. 

If you want to remain in the court's good graces, you should make your monthly payments on time. A child support attorney can explain to you the rules of your state regarding these issues and keep you from making errors that could lead to severe consequences. 


6 July 2022

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