Estate Planning Issues To Consider As A Childless Young Adult

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Everyone can benefit from estate planning; it is not reserved for rich people, old people, or parents. Here are some of the estate planning needs of a young adult without a child. Health Issues Health issues are not age-dependent; they affect everyone from infants to senior citizens. Therefore, you need to ensure that you will be well taken care of if you are unable to do so due to health reasons.

25 June 2018

A Change Is Coming: What You Should Know About The IME And Your Workers' Comp

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When a work-related injury happens, you will likely be covered by your employer's insurance coverage. Workers' compensation is really more of a stop-gap measure in most cases. It covers medical expenses and some lost wages for a period of time, but when that period of time passes, what then? Read on to learn what happens when your injury overstays its welcome. The Independent Medical Exam (IME) If you've not been able to return to work and several weeks or months have already passed, the workers' comp insurance carrier will want to know why.

26 April 2018

Two Challenges You'll Face When You're Injured While Riding In A Police Car

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Even though you may have been arrested for a crime, you still have the right to pursue compensation for any injuries you sustain if the officer gets into a vehicle accident while transporting you to jail. However, litigating a suit against the police agency may not be as easy as it would be if you were in an accident with a civilian driver, and there are additional concerns you must address.

24 March 2018

Why Your Kid Should Not Be Tried In An Adult Court

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When a kid is accused of committing a crime, they may be prosecuted as a minor or as an adult. It all depends on different issues such as the age of the child, their criminal history, and the nature of the crime they have committed. As a parent, however, it's in your best interest to ensure your child isn't tried as an adult because then they would face: Potentially Harsher Penalties

24 January 2018

3 Things You Need To Understand About Disability Benefits

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It is not unusual to need benefits and help because of a disability. There are government programs in place to help people who truly have a disability that keeps them from working to have the financial help that they need. But in order to qualify for these benefits, you have to meet certain requirements. Here are some things that you should know in advance, before you file for these benefits.

24 January 2018

What To Do When The Defendant Dodges Being Served Summons

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Nobody likes being sued, and some defendants will take extreme measures to avoid being served summons for lawsuits. If you are having difficulty getting the required notification to the defendant because he or she is dodging service, here's what you can do to get around the issue so your court case can proceed. Gather Evidence of Attempted Service Defendants have the right to be served notice of any lawsuits filed against, so they can adequately prepare their defense.

20 December 2017

Damage Control With A Second DUI Arrest

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DUI charges have long-term ramifications in your professional image, career, financial life, and even personal relationships. Some of the criminal consequences of a second DUI arrest include up to 1 year jail time, revoked driver's license without a chance for appeal, $1000 fine, and other costs, 6 points on your driving record, confiscation of the license plate, or vehicle immobilization. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs entails a process of damage control.

3 October 2017

Pedestrian Hit By Personal Injury Attorney: What This Irony Means To You


Despite the many bad lawyer jokes, lawyers are people too. They get into some of the same troubles and problems as everyone else, including accidents. If you were recently hit by a personal injury lawyer while walking or riding your bike, there is quite a bit of irony in this. You should remember first and foremost that the irony is not the main point, but the fact that you were hit by someone in his/her car, and that is a personal injury case.

17 September 2017

This Is Bad: What To Do If Your Business Is The Victim Of Investment Fraud

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If you run a business, fraud is the last thing you want to find in your ranks. Fraud means that someone you once trusted has sought to do you financial damage. Fraud can destroy your businesses financial status, and your reputation. If you suspect fraud, it's crucial that you act fast. Dragging your feet, or postponing positive action can further destroy your business, and make it nearly impossible to recover from the devastation.

11 September 2017

No Bail Required: Understanding "Own Recognizance"

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If you have been arrested and jailed, you are very likely making every effort to get out. While jailed, you cannot work at your job, see to your family, or work on proving your innocence. In some cases, you are offered bail, but in other cases you are released without having to post a single dime. Read on for more information about being released on your own recognizance. What is bail, and why is it sometimes waived?

24 August 2017